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Rob Halford Advocates for Sir Ozzy Osbourne, Recalls Royal Encounter

Judas Priest Frontman Advocates Knighthood for Ozzy, Recalls Head-Banging Conversation with Queen Elizabeth

In a recent interview with Classic Rock magazine, Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford expressed his support for the ongoing campaign to have Ozzy Osbourne knighted. Halford, a fellow metal icon, believes that Osbourne deserves the honor for the immense joy he has brought to people over the years through his contributions to the music industry.

The friendship between Halford and Osbourne dates back decades, marked by mutual respect and collaboration. Halford even stepped in for Osbourne during a Black Sabbath show in 2004 when the Prince of Darkness was battling bronchitis.

The campaign for Osbourne’s knighthood began in 2014 and garnered over 20,000 signatures. Despite the campaign page currently being unavailable, the sentiment persists. Osbourne himself has expressed support for the idea, envisioning the title as an exceptional honor, and joking about his wife Sharon becoming a Lady.

In a delightful twist of fate, Halford shared a memory from an unexpected encounter with the late Queen Elizabeth. Introduced by entertainer Cilla Black at an event celebrating British music at Buckingham Palace, Halford found himself in conversation with the Queen about heavy metal. When asked about the loudness of heavy metal music, Halford responded with wit, saying, “So you can bang your head, your majesty.” The incident left a lasting impression, making for a unique and memorable exchange between royalty and the metal world.

As Judas Priest gears up to release their 19th studio album, ‘Invincible Shield,’ on March 8, the metal legends continue to shape the genre’s renaissance. Halford emphasizes the current resurgence of metal, citing their upcoming album, along with releases from Saxon and Iron Maiden, as evidence of a thriving and exciting era for the genre.

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