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Massive Attack Haven’t Appeared In Israel Since 1999

A Two-Decade Stand Against Oppression. The Trip-Hop Pioneers' Ongoing Boycott and the Call for Change

In a resolute stance against oppression, Massive Attack has maintained a steadfast boycott of gigs in Israel since 1999. The trip-hop pioneers recently addressed their principled decision through their official X/Twitter account, responding to a commendation for their past performances in Tel Aviv.

The tweet praised, “Your shows in Tel Aviv were fantastic.”

Massive Attack, however, responded with a clear and unwavering statement: “Massive Attack have not performed (& will not perform) in Israel since the international request was made by Palestinian civic society & artistic institutions in 2002 (reiterated in 05 as BDS) as a form of non-violent pressure on Israel to end its brutal occupation of Palestine.”

They continued to elucidate their longstanding commitment: “The band took a decision not to perform in Israel in 1999 – some years before the Palestinian call for international boycott was made – based on our own observations of military oppression, occupation & apartheid.”

This declaration not only underscores Massive Attack’s dedication to using their platform for political expression but also aligns with broader international movements advocating for justice and change. As the world continues to grapple with complex geopolitical issues, artists like Massive Attack play a pivotal role in amplifying voices and fostering awareness on a global scale.

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