Kasabian : New Release ‘Coming Back To Me Good’

New anthemic single from their upcoming album "Happenings"

Kasabian has released “Coming Back To Me Good” from their upcoming album “Happenings”!

Following the announcement of their new upcoming album “Happenings,” Kasabian drops the third track titled “Coming Back To Me Good”. The band will showcase the brand-new single on The Jonathan Ross Show.

In “Coming Back To Me Good,” they blend dance elements and pop music with a sense of hope. “It’s got this disco drive, but there’s also a moment of camaraderie,” says Serge Pizzorno about the song. “I imagine you’d listen to it when the sun is rising and your team is in the semi-finals, because it’s so joyful.”

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Co-produced by Serge and Mark Ralph (Zara Larsson, Clean Bandit, Rudimental) and following their #1 album of 2022 “The Alchemist’s Euphoria,” “Happenings” features 10 fast, sharp, fresh hits inspired by the anything-goes art performance of the late 1950s. Balancing between the dance floor and the mosh pit, the singles over three minutes long break the law with these 10 songs totaling 26 minutes (“One minute shorter than the Ramones’ debut”). “Happenings” is not just a mere album as it leaves listeners craving for more.


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