AC/DC Fans Launch Campaign for UK Christmas #1 – 2023 Edition

A Decade Later, Enthusiasts Launch a New Campaign for the Band's 50th Anniversary, Inspired by LadBaby's Chart-Topping Tradition

AC/DC fans are launching a Christmas campaign to secure the band’s return to Number One in 2023, exactly a decade after their successful effort with ‘Highway To Hell.’ The AC/DC We Salute You Facebook page, responsible for the previous campaign, is rallying enthusiasts for another push in celebration of the band’s 50th anniversary. Notably, LadBaby’s Christmas chart dominance inspires this initiative.

The LadBaby nod refers to Mark and Roxanne Hoyle, renowned for festive chart-toppers. A public group, “AC/DC for Christmas No.1,” has quickly gained nearly 1,000 members. While the chosen track remains undisclosed, fan favorites for the Christmas campaign include ‘Back in Black,’ ‘Thunderstruck,’ and ‘Hells Bells.’

AC/DC recently made a triumphant return to the stage at the Power Trip festival in California. Their live plans for 2024 are uncertain. Additionally, the band celebrated 50 years with a limited edition whiskey collaboration with Ballantine’s Scotch.

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