Sum 41’s Resilience: Unveiling ‘Heaven:x:Hell’ – A Unique Fusion of Pop-Punk and Metal

Listen The Frst Single!

Sum 41 has officially announced their latest album, set to be released on March 29. Titled “Heaven:x:Hell,” the album has already unveiled its first single, “Rise Up.” You can listen to it on top.

This release comes after the band’s dissolution announcement earlier this year. “This is the album I’d like to go out on,” said Whibley in a press statement. “We’ve created a double album of pop-punk and metal, and it makes sense. It took a long time to pave this path, but we did it, and it’s unique to us.”

Here is the album cover:

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Sum 41: ‘Heaven :x: Hell’

Regarding the band’s end, the singer mentioned in a GQ interview: “There were so many times we could have called it quits. For some reason, though, we kept resisting. I’m proud of that. Now is the time.”

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