Shaking Up the Beige: Robbie Williams Calls Out Music’s Lack of Edge

"Today's music is boring. Only Matty Healy does something that isn't beige."

How boring is today’s music scene?” This is the question Robbie Williams posed in a post on Instagram as part of his column Integritas Et Cacas . “I’m not attacking music itself, but I’m complaining about the lack of friction, danger, personality.

The former Take That member then attributed these shortcomings to cancel culture: “I get it, we’re all scared. Nobody knows what might get us canceled, nobody knows if something we said or wrote in the past will get us canceled. There are too many people to offend.

In this music universe with rounded edges, Williams pointed out fellow Briton Matty Healy of The 1975 – famous for his beefs and edgy remarks – as the only shake-up: “Matty Healy is the only commercially active pop/rockstar willing to do something that isn’t beige. I like Matt, he’s crazy, smart, super talented and willing to disrupt. To disrupt for a reason. And the reason is a complicated inner life, a rebellious streak, and boredom.

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Williams finally declared his desire to have part of that energy in his music, wishing he had time to go against those “too many people to offend. It’s time to start teasing them again.”

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