Roger Waters: Echoes of Controversy in South America

The Musician's Political Statements Trigger Hotel Backlash, Unveiling Ongoing Debates on Israel and Beyond

Roger Waters has once again found himself in the spotlight due to controversies surrounding his political stances. The most recent incident occurred during his tour in South America, where the co-founder of Pink Floyd faced negative responses from hotels in Argentina and Uruguay.

According to statements from the musician himself, certain hotels in Argentina and Uruguay canceled his reservations, with Waters claiming that this reaction was linked to his statements regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict. Specifically, the artist referred to a possible “false flag” attack by Hamas against Israel.

“We had a reservation at Faena, and then they told us the reservation was canceled because the room needed renovation. At Alvear, a reservation for ten rooms from November 13th to 22nd had been confirmed. Shortly after, these were also canceled.”

According to statements to the media, similar treatment is said to have been experienced with Hyatt Centric and Regency in Montevideo.

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The hotels that canceled his reservations reportedly cited the need for room renovations, but Waters accuses the “Israeli lobby” of pressuring hoteliers to exclude him. It’s worth noting that Roger Waters is known for his strong opposition to Israel and his involvement in the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement, which advocates for isolating Israel.

In recent times, Waters has stirred controversy with his views on the conflict in Ukraine, labeling it as a result of NATO provocations. The obstruction of his performance in Germany garnered reactions, and he faced accusations of anti-Semitism from various sources.

Waters’ outspoken political positions continue to spark reactions and debates, showcasing the intersection of music, activism, and global politics in his public persona.

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