Ringo Starr Sets the Record Straight on ‘Now and Then’ AI Controversy

Beatles Drummer Addresses Rumors Surrounding John Lennon's Voice and AI Collaboration

Since the release of the latest Beatles single, “Now and Then“, discussions have been swirling about the use of AI in the creation process. Ringo Starr recently spoke out during an interview with AARP, debunking rumors that questioned the authenticity of John Lennon’s voice. According to Ringo, “There were terrible rumors that it wasn’t John but artificial intelligence, nonsense. Paul and I wouldn’t have done that. It’s a beautiful song and a nice way to finally close that door.”

This reaffirms his earlier statements to Variety, where he clarified, “We’re not pretending something. In the song, there is John’s voice, there is Paul’s voice and bass, there is George on rhythm guitar, and I’m on drums.”

So, let’s put those rumors to rest and enjoy the magic of the Beatles’ timeless music!

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