Revealing ‘Girl71’: The Latest Offering from The Jesus And Mary Chain

Exploring Optimism and Jazz Influences in the Anticipation of 'Glasgow Eyes'

The Jesus And Mary Chain present the music video for their single “Girl71“!

The Jesus And Mary Chain shared “Girl 71”, the latest glimpse into their upcoming album, “Glasgow Eyes“.

Like their two most recent singles released by Jim and William Reid, “Girl 71” is built around a steady drum beat, Jim Reid’s distinctive, recognizable vocals, and bustling instrumentation. But unlike its predecessors “Chemical Animal” or “jamcod”, “Girl 71” is remarkably optimistic, even if the lyrics aren’t always so bright.

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“Glasgow Eyes” is set to be officially released on March 22nd. While the band was clear that it’s not a full jazz album, they spoke strongly about adopting elements of the genre during the creative process, particularly the freedom and lack of traditional discipline that is unique to jazz. As the name suggests, the LP was recorded at Mogwai’s Castle of Doom studio in Glasgow.

The band has also planned an extensive 2024 tour in support of “Glasgow Eyes”, kicking off in Manchester in March and including a performance at the Cruel World Festival in Pasadena, California in May.

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