Rea Garvey Releases New Single “Somewhere Close To Heaven”

From the highly anticipated Album "Halo"

The popular Irish artist and lead singer of Reamonn, Rea Garvey, is making a dynamic comeback to the music scene with his new single “Somewhere Close To Heaven“, from his highly anticipated album “Halo” set to be released on September 13.

In a statement, Rea Garvey shared his experience collaborating with the band Picture This to create this piece. “I’ve watched Picture This from the wings since Day #1! After they joined me on tour in Germany, I was even more a fan than before and wanted to get us into studio and make music,” stated Garvey.

The song “Somewhere Close To Heaven” captures the essence of every Irish person’s experience abroad. “We love to sing, dance and celebrate life and in doing so we are home again if only in our hearts and minds,” explained Garvey.

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With their collaboration, Rea Garvey and Picture This aimed to find a song that exceeded the sum of its parts. “Somewhere Close To Heaven” couldn’t have been written by one of us, it’s a combination of both music worlds giving that supernova effect,” commented Garvey.

Rea Garvey concluded by saying, “I have to love what I do, it’s the last freedom of a musician and we didn’t leave the studio until what we wrote and recorded blew our minds. I want to say we walked out but in truth we crawled out, Joyous!”

“Somewhere Close To Heaven” promises to touch the hearts of Garvey and Picture This fans alike, while uplifting audiences with its energy and profound emotional message.

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