Peter Gabriel’s Upcoming Album ‘i/o’ Set for December Release

A Journey of Dichotomy and Artistry Featuring a Stellar Lineup of Musicians and Visual Artists

Peter Gabriel’s new album finally has a release date. “i/o” will be released on December 1st.

“After a year of releasing under the full moon, I’m very happy to see all these new songs coming together in ‘i/o’ and ready to embark on their journey in the world,” said the artist, who has released almost all the pieces from the album in various mixes over the past year.

“i/o” will also reflect the dichotomy between the Bright-Side Mix curated by Mark “Spike” Stent and the Dark-Side Mix of the same songs made by Tchad Blake. The 12 songs will be featured in both versions on a double CD. On vinyl, the two mixes will be released separately. On March 8, 2024, a box set containing the two CDs, four vinyl records, and a Blu-Ray will be released, including the In-Side Mixes created by Hans-Martin Buff.

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Among the musicians playing on the album are guitarist David Rhodes, bassist Tony Levin, drummer Manu Katché, but also Brian Eno, Richard Russell, Tom Cawley, Josh Shpak, Paolo Fresu, Linnea Olsson, Don E, as well as Gabriel’s daughter, Melanie, providing vocals along with Ríoghnach Connolly (The Breath). Other voices on the album include the Soweto Gospel Choir and the Swedish male choir Oprhei Drängar. The strings are performed by the New Blood Orchestra led by John Metcalfe.

Each song is also paired with an artwork (painting, photography, sculpture, clay) by various artists, including Nick Cave. Here is the list: Ai Weiwei, Nick Cave, Olafur Eliasson, Henry Hudson, Annette Messager, Antony Micallef, David Moreno, Cornelia Parker, Megan Rooney, Tim Shaw, David Spriggs, and Barthélémy Toguo.

Tracklist and album cover

The Court
Playing for Time
Four Kinds of Horses
Road to Joy
So Much
Olive Tree
Love Can Heal
This Is Home
And Still
Live and Let Live

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