Mötley Crüe Drops Explosive New Music Video for “Dogs Of War”!

Legendary Rockers Return to Form in Apocalyptic Visual Spectacle

Unleashing their latest single in collaboration with Nashville’s Big Machine Records, MÖTLEY CRÜE presents the official music video for “Dogs Of War.” Crafted by Nick DenBoer, the visual masterpiece plunges viewers into an apocalyptic realm, where the iconic CRÜE antics reign supreme amidst chaos.

“It’s always a blast hitting the studio with the band,” shares bassist Nikki Sixx. “We’re confident you’ll dig this one.”

Bob Rock, renowned producer of the band’s new single and the legendary 1989 album “Dr. Feelgood,” echoes the sentiment: “Working with the CRÜE on this track was a breeze… They’re at the top of their game! And trust me, there’s more to come.”

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This release marks a continuation of their fruitful partnership with Big Machine Records, following their successful 2014 collaboration on “Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute To Mötley Crüe.” Now, reunited under a new deal, MÖTLEY CRÜE promises even more electrifying content.

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