Metal Titans Judas Priest Release the New Single “The Serpent And The King” #Listen

New single from the upcoming album "Invincible Shield"

Judas Priest is gearing up to unleash their latest album, “Invincible Shield,” marking their return after six years. With singles like “Crown Of Horns,” “Panic Attack,” and “Trial By Fire” already setting the stage, the band is now dropping another powerhouse track, “The Serpent And The King.”

In an interview with Zane Lower on Apple Music 1, frontman Rob Halford delves into the essence of the song, describing it as an embodiment of the band’s signature style – intense, relentless, and invincible.

Exploring themes of God and the devil engaging in an eternal battle, Halford unveils the dichotomies of existence, from good to evil, love to hate.

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“The Serpent And The King” is a ferocious, unyielding anthem encapsulating these timeless struggles.

Check out the track below for a dose of Judas Priest’s formidable metal prowess.

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“Invincible Shield” track listing:

01. Panic Attack
02. The Serpent And The King
03. Invincible Shield
04. Devil In Disguise
05. Gates Of Hell
06. Crown Of Horns
07. As God Is My Witness
08. Trial By Fire
09. Escape From Reality
10. Sons Of Thunder
11. Giants In The Sky

Deluxe edition bonus tracks:

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12. Fight Of Your Life
13. Vicious Circle
14. The Lodger

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