Matty Healy Takes Center Stage: An Irreverent Take on Geopolitics and the Israel-Palestine Question

The 1975 Frontman's Witty Response to the Expectation of Celebrity Commentary – 'People Like Me MUST Talk About It

Are you tired of everyone in your life turning into a geopolitical expert in recent years? Matty Healy of the 1975 certainly is, and, as is his habit, he wanted to remind us of that on stage, in front of the microphone.

During last night’s show in New York, someone from the audience asked Healy for his opinion on the Israel-Palestine conflict. The singer, in an ironic tone, responded, ‘People like me,‘ sarcastically pointing to himself to highlight his role and persona, ‘MUST talk about Israel and Palestine. Brittany Broski , and I, we are the people who must discuss it.‘ Laughing to himself, Healy then concluded, ‘Don’t be so foolish.

Watch the video here:

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