Mark Knopfler, “One Deep River” 📀

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Mark Knopfler is releasing his 10th solo studio album titled “One Deep River.”

Recently, he presented the first single and precursor to the album, “Ahead Of The Game.” It’s an autobiographical and experiential piece, referring to the ‘battles’ a singer-songwriter faces on the journey of discography.

The entire 12-track album “One Deep River,” recorded at British Grove Studios, is produced by Knopfler and his longtime collaborator Guy Fletcher.

“Crossing the Tyne is always on your mind,” he says. “It’s what you were doing

when you were leaving as a youngster and that feeling is always the same every time you do it.

You’re heading out or you’re coming back, and it just connects with your childhood. The power of it doesn’t go away.” – Mark Knopfler

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Standard Album Tracklist

Two Pairs Of Hands
Ahead Of The Game
Smart Money
Scavengers Yard
Black Tie Jobs
Tunnel 13
Watch Me Gone
Sweeter Than The Rain
Before My Train Comes
This One’s Not Going To End Well
One Deep River

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