Marilyn Manson Ordered to Pay Evan Rachel Wood’s Legal Fees in Defamation Suit

A Closer Look at the Ongoing Legal Battle and Its Implications in the Entertainment Industry

In a recent ruling by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Teresa A. Beaudet, Marilyn Manson has been directed to cover Evan Rachel Wood’s legal expenses incurred during her defense against his defamation and emotional distress claims. The judgment, reported by Rolling Stone, entails Manson paying slightly less than the total amount listed by Wood for reimbursement—$388,000—owing to Manson’s lawyers’ arguments regarding the vagueness of some billed hours.

This legal saga traces back to March 2022 when Manson initiated a defamation lawsuit, alleging that Wood and her friend, Illma Gore, aimed to sabotage his career by portraying him as a rapist and abuser. Judge Beaudet dismissed several accusations from Manson’s lawsuit in May 2023, including claims that Wood orchestrated false statements against him and forged an FBI letter. However, unresolved claims, such as allegations of hacking, impersonation, and a “swatting” incident, are slated for trial on May 1.

Meanwhile, Manson faces mounting legal challenges, including a revived lawsuit filed by his former assistant Ashley Walters, accusing him of sexual assault, discrimination, battery, and harassment. Additionally, Manson settled a lawsuit last September with an anonymous accuser who alleged rape and threats between 2010 and 2013.

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The ongoing legal battle has garnered attention due to Wood’s public allegations against Manson, initially made in 2021 and further detailed in the documentary “Phoenix Rising.” Wood accused Manson of abuse and grooming during their relationship from 2007 to 2010, prompting widespread repercussions for Manson, including being dropped by his record label and representation.

Manson vehemently denies all allegations, dismissing them as distortions of reality. As the legal proceedings continue, the case underscores broader conversations surrounding accountability and justice in the entertainment industry.

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