Måneskin’s Unforgettable Tribute to Manchester’s Musical Legacy

Rising Rock Icons Pay Homage to Oasis in Spectacular Finale of Global Tour

In the exhilarating grand finale of their worldwide tour at AO Arena in Manchester, Måneskin took a heartfelt moment to honor the city’s rich musical heritage. Speaking from the stage, lead vocalist Damiano David expressed admiration for Manchester’s contributions to the music world, stating, “This city has given birth to many outstanding artists,” as guitarist Thomas Raggi prepared to join him.

With a touch of irony, Damiano playfully added, “We’re sure that if they ever see this cover, they’ll think it’s rubbish.”

As anticipated, Måneskin paid a mesmerizing tribute to the legendary Oasis with a cover of “Don’t Look Back In Anger.” Experience the magic in the video.

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