Måneskin’s Musical Evolution: Unveiling the Extended ‘Rush! (Are U Coming?)

Jump into the Rhythm with Five New Tracks and a Deluxe Edition, Featuring a Reimagined Cover and Exclusive Photo Book

Måneskin released an updated edition of their latest album last night. ‘Rush! (Are U Coming?)’ features five additional songs compared to the version released in January.

The cover photo flips the original scene, with the four members of Måneskin jumping over the model, not the other way around.

The new edition is available in various formats, including the deluxe version that, in addition to the CD, includes a 152-page photo book.

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The release of the new edition is accompanied by the music video for one of the unreleased songs, “Valentine”.

Here are the other tracks, starting with “Off My Face,” about a toxic love: “You’re the monster in my head tryna tell me how to act .You’re a freak, set me free, give myself a heart attack”.

“The Driver”:

“Trastevere”, despite the title, is sung in English and was first performed at the Circus Maximus.

Two months ago, “Honey (Are U Coming?)” was released, accompanied by a video directed by Tommaso Ottomano:

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