Let it be: Beatles documentary is now on Disney+

Peter Jackson's Restoration of Iconic Documentary Takes Fans Back to the Band's Final Days

The iconic Beatles documentary “Let It Be” is back in the spotlight after decades of being unavailable. Originally released in 1970, the film has been meticulously restored by Peter Jackson’s Park Road Post Production, using the same cutting-edge technology featured in Jackson’s acclaimed documentary series, “The Beatles: Get Back.”

Fans can now relive the historic moments captured in “Let It Be” as it re-releases on Disney+ on Wednesday, May 8th. This restoration project marks a significant milestone for Beatles enthusiasts, as the film has been out of official circulation since the early 1980s, aside from bootleg copies.

Peter Jackson, known for his dedication to preserving Beatles history, expressed his excitement about the restoration, emphasizing the importance of “Let It Be” in completing the narrative of “The Beatles: Get Back.” He praised director Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s original film as a vital component of the Beatles’ story, now enhanced by the context provided in “Get Back.”

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With its release on Disney+, “Let It Be” offers a poignant glimpse into the band’s final creative moments, showcasing both their groundbreaking music and the tensions that ultimately led to their breakup. For Beatles fans, this re-release is not just a chance to revisit history but a celebration of the band’s enduring legacy.

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