Lenny Kravitz Unveils ‘Human’: A Prelude to the Electrifying ‘Blue Electric Light’

Exploring Kravitz's Latest Single and Anticipating His 12th Studio Album Release

Lenny Kravitz Returns with New Single “Human” Leading the Way for Upcoming Album “Blue Electric Light”

Lenny Kravitz has returned with his brand-new single, “Human,” paving the way for his upcoming album “Blue Electric Light,” set to release on May 24, 2024, via Roxie Records/BMG.

“Human” practically overflows with optimistic and undeniable energy, blending Kravitz’s fiery rock ‘n’ roll, slick funk, and cosmic pop. The wild cowbell, laid-back riff, bassline, vocals, and guitar solo deliver a crescendo to this anthem celebrating life.

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“Human” follows the album’s lead single, “TK421,” released in October 2023. The viral music video for “TK421,” which made its global debut via YouTube and premiered on MTV’s global network, amplifies the song’s free spirit. Kravitz appears like you’ve never seen him before.

Celebration. LIFE. Humanity. Love. Sexuality. Philanthropy. Spirituality.” That’s how Kravitz himself described “Blue Electric Light,” his 12th studio album. Kravitz wrote and recorded the project at his studio in the Bahamas, and his mastery of deep-soul rock ‘n’ roll is once again solidified here. As an uncompromising creative force – musician, songwriter, producer, actor, author, designer – he continues to be a global dynamic presence across music, art, and culture.

On the album, Kravitz’s talents as a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist resonate as he wrote and played most instruments himself, alongside longtime collaborator and guitarist Craig Ross. Ultimately, he has created 12 songs reflecting his legacy as a genre-defying pioneer, cementing his energy in the 21st century and beyond.

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