KISS has sold their catalog, publishing and image rights to the company that produced ABBA show

The God of Thunder and the Star Child will return to tour in 2027 as avatars. There will also be a biographical film.

KISS joins the ranks of artists cashing in on their music catalog, and notably, their iconic onstage personas and makeup, for substantial sums.

Following the conclusion of their (supposed) farewell tour in December 2023, the American group has sold – according to Fortune for over $300 million – the catalog, song editions, and image rights to Pophouse, the Swedish company that co-produced the virtual show Voyage where ABBA is replaced by holograms. According to Fortune, the ABBA show still running in London brings in a million dollars a week.

An integral part of the partnership between Kiss and Pophouse, as stated in a statement from the Swedish company, is the creation of digital versions of Kiss “that will allow the band and its unique characters to live forever.” The launch of the American band’s avatar show is scheduled for 2027.

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“We have always been breaking new ground in popular culture,” Gene Simmons said in a statement, ” and this partnership will ensure that we continue to do so for years to come because what Pophouse is doing is breaking rules. We already have several projects in development: one is the avatar show, another is a biopic, and a third is a Kiss-themed experience. The future couldn’t be more exciting.”

For Paul Stanley, the band has reached an agreement with Pophouse driven by the desire for eternalization, “ensuring that the Kiss experience continues to fascinate” old and new fans. The bottom line: “This partnership is not just a chapter, it’s an eternal symphony of rock’n’roll immortality.”

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