Kelly Moran Announces Innovative LP “Moves in the Field” and Unveils New Song #Listen

Pioneering pianist and composer Kelly Moran is back with groundbreaking new music set to captivate audiences worldwide. Her latest album, “Moves in the Field,” slated for release on March 29 via Warp, promises to push the boundaries of musical experimentation and creativity.

Following her acclaimed 2023 Vesela EP, “Moves in the Field” marks Moran’s triumphant return to the spotlight after a hiatus since her 2018 masterpiece “Ultraviolet.” The album’s lead single, “Butterfly Phase,” offers a tantalizing glimpse into Moran’s sonic landscape, showcasing her unmatched talent and visionary approach to music.

At the heart of Moran’s innovative sound lies the Yamaha Disklavier player piano, a revolutionary instrument that blurs the line between human and machine. In a press release, Moran shared her journey of discovery with this extraordinary instrument:

In early 2020, Yamaha loaned me a Disklavier player piano—a special instrument that allows you to record your performance for the piano to play back on its own. I was initially working on a duet for myself and another pianist, but when the pandemic hit, the player piano became my duet partner. I began writing a series of duets for myself and the Disklavier, exploring all the different ways I could utilize this instrument to merge its inhuman capabilities with my own playing.”

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Moran’s creative exploration with the Disklavier yielded remarkable results, pushing the boundaries of traditional piano compositions to new heights. With “Moves in the Field,” she invites listeners on a journey through a mesmerizing landscape of sound, where ethereal melodies intertwine with intricate rhythms and otherworldly textures.

As Moran continues to redefine the possibilities of contemporary music, “Moves in the Field” stands as a testament to her unparalleled vision and artistic evolution. Get ready to experience the next chapter in Kelly Moran’s musical odyssey, where innovation meets inspiration and imagination knows no bounds.

Moves in the Field Tracklist:

1. Butterfly Phase
2. Superhuman
3. Don’t Trust Mirrors
4. Dancer Polynomials
5. Sodalis (II)
6. Leitmotif
7. It’s Okay to Disappear
8. Hypno
9. Moves in the Field
10. Solar Flare

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