Future, Metro Boomin, and The Weeknd Present ‘Young Metro’

A Dynamic Music Video Showcase from 'We Don't Trust You' Album

Future and Metro Boomin join forces with The Weeknd and present the music video for “Young Metro“!

On Monday, Future and Metro Boomin released the music video for their song from “We Don’t Trust You” titled “Young Metro,” which sees the artists posing and dancing in front of a Tesla Cybertruck.

Directed by Hidji World and Omar Jones, the video combines a clip of Future delivering the song’s lyrics as they pose in front of a concrete building and numerous women.

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Future and Metro’s album, “We Don’t Trust You,” also includes songs such as “Everyday Hustle” featuring Rick Ross, “Cinderella” featuring Travis Scott, and “Like That” featuring Kendrick Lamar. They also welcomed Scott and Playboi Carti on “Type Shit.”

“The album isn’t bad: Metro remains an exciting producer and Future manages to hold his own despite his well-worn ticks,” wrote Mosi Reeves in his review. “But it only takes one Lamar verse to show what was missing from the game.”

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