Former Model Accuses Axl Rose of Violent Sexual Assault

awsuit Unveils Disturbing Details: A Deep Dive into Sheila Kennedy's Lawsuit Against Axl Rose

In a shocking legal development, former model Sheila Kennedy has filed a lawsuit against Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose, alleging violent sexual assault that occurred in 1989. The lawsuit, filed in New York’s Supreme Court, paints a harrowing picture of the alleged incident, with Kennedy seeking damages for assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and gender-motivated violence.

The lawsuit contends that Kennedy, then 26, and Rose, then 27, first met at a New York nightclub. Rose invited Kennedy to his hotel room, but the evening took a dark turn, according to the legal document. Initially, there was a consensual kiss, but the situation escalated later that evening into alleged violent encounters that Kennedy did not consent to.

Kennedy claims she left Rose’s room to seek refuge with a friend, but Rose, displaying aggressive behavior, stormed in, blocked her exit, and subjected her to physical violence. The lawsuit describes an alarming sequence of events, including Rose dragging her by the hair and forcibly penetrating her.

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The legal action also points to Rose’s alleged history of abuse, citing previous claims from his former partners and a statutory rape case in 1985. The lawsuit asserts that Kennedy suffered from PTSD-like symptoms, anxiety, and depression as a result of the assault, and that her career was compromised.

In response, Rose’s lawyer, Alan S. Gutman, issued a statement vehemently denying the allegations, describing them as “fictional claims.” Gutman expressed confidence that the case would be resolved in Rose’s favor.

This lawsuit adds to the growing wave of legal actions against high-profile figures in the entertainment industry, shedding light on issues of abuse and misconduct that demand scrutiny and justice.

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