Could Daft Punk really release a new album?

The existence of unreleased studio recordings has been confirmed by a former collaborator of the French duo. And, from the masters of theatrical surprises, we might as well expect it.

After the tenth anniversary of “Random Access Memories” in 2023 and following their disbandment, the musical history associated with “Daft Punk” might still have surprises in store. This is at least what the former drummer, known simply as Quinn, implied. He collaborated with the French duo as a session musician for most of the “Random Access Memories” recordings.

Quinn shared insights into his experience with Daft Punk, mentioning that for “Random Access Memories,” he was essentially the last person to contribute to the tracks, finalizing the connections between different parts. As for the subsequent album, he revealed that he was the first to contribute, describing sessions where Thomas Bangalter experimented with a keyboard connected to a computer program. They were in a phase where the focus was on letting vibrations flow. Bangalter was at the mixer, Quinn with his drums, engaging in a collaborative experiment.

The narrative continued with discussions about material intended for a new, untitled Daft Punk album. Quinn explained that it would be an album without a name and could evolve into various spontaneous forms. He mentioned that he continues to hear from sources that Daft Punk is working on something new. In fact, he sought permission to talk about it in another article, acknowledging the duo’s reserved nature and expressing admiration for their talents.

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The overall impression from the text is that the possibility of new Daft Punk material exists, though nothing is confirmed at the moment. The anticipation and speculation about the potential for a new chapter in Daft Punk’s musical journey linger.

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