Collaborative Brilliance: Purple Disco Machine and Roosevelt’s ‘Higher Ground’

Fusing 80s Aesthetics and Indie Electronic Vibes in a Captivating Musical Journey

The Purple Disco Machine and Roosevelt collaborated on behalf of the new single “Higher Ground“!

After repeatedly meeting at festivals around the world, the German favorites Purple Disco Machine and Roosevelt decided to create something together, with “Higher Ground” combining PDM’s characteristic compositional aesthetic of the 1980s and Roosevelt’s indie electronic style.

Through Sony Music Germany and RCA Records, the song oscillates between darkness and light, touching upon heavy bass and building moments of brightness conveyed by Roosevelt’s melodies. “I enjoyed the process of sending Tino a vocal and having him build the entire piece around it,” says Roosevelt about the process. “I was able to take a step back from production duties and focus on my vocal performance, which was challenging but very enjoyable.

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The song was released on March 29th, and together we enjoyed its music video, which is an animated story featuring a taxi trying to escape from all troubles.

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