Blur has announced the new documentary ‘To The End’

The new film, directed by Toby L, documents the band's return with the album 'The Ballad of Darren'.

Blur have announced the details of a new documentary, To The End, which tells the story of their recent reunion. The new film, directed by Toby L, will arrive in cinemas in the UK and Ireland from July 19th and will recount the story of the Britpop icons coming back together for the 2023 album, The Ballad of Darren.

Discussing what to expect from the film, the director said: To The End is an intimate look at relationships, motivation, and mortality, of a long-term friendship that brings to light a new conquest to overcome together. As for the idea of bringing to the screen a band already so well-documented, we sat down at the beginning of the project and agreed that the film had to tell a new story, be shot entirely outdoors, and, above all, be honest.

Speaking in the film, Alex James said: “We barely communicated in the last 10 years… I mean, even when we really split up, it didn’t take us that long to make a record, but the wonderful thing is that as soon as we enter a room together as four, it’s exactly the same as when we were all 19 years old…

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Damon Albarn added: “I don’t think any of us thought we would make another record, especially not a record like this. I suppose that’s why I wanted to try to make it the best it could be.” The frontman added: “We all have extremely engaging and complicated lives and we are so lucky that we can spend this time together, just the four of us. And that’s the beauty of it…

In the film, Graham Coxon spoke about the band’s history and return: “The nineties were a very intense period. On the same level as a relationship, a marriage, and things like that. I think it’s fair to say that the time spent apart was used for other friendships and simply to recover or do other things.

Drummer Dave Rowntree added: “The fact that we didn’t always get along, that’s one of the points of chemistry that allowed us to make the music we make. I’m absolutely convinced of that.”

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