Blink-182 Pays Tribute to Ramones in New Video Ahead of Reunion Album

Celebrating Three Decades of Blink-182 with a Nod to Punk Icons

The trio, reunited for the new album ‘One More Time…,’ has returned to playing with quotes and transformations, this time dedicating a “love letter” to the New York band.

In their thirty-year career, we’ve seen Blink-182 in various forms. Now, to celebrate the reunion with Tom DeLonge and the upcoming album “One More Time…,” the trio has decided to pay tribute to the Ramones in the music video for the single “Dance With Me.”

“A love letter” to the New York band, Blink announced the video in which they appear dressed in the typical Ramones outfits: black leather jackets, long black wigs, and dark sunglasses. In the video, Blink also wanted to recreate some moments from the Ramones’ career, such as the video for “I Wanna Be Sedated” and the cover of their self-titled debut album from 1976.

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The release of “One More Time” is scheduled for October 20th.

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