Bad Bunny Unveils “BATICANO” Video: A Tribute to Nosferatu

Puerto Rican Artist Embraces the Classic Vampire Role in His Latest Music Video

Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny continues to make waves following the release of his fifth solo album, Nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana,” which dropped on October 13. This project has set the stage for Bad Bunny’s upcoming global tour in the coming year.

To celebrate, Bad Bunny has shared an official music video for his track “BATICANO.” Directed by Stillz, the black-and-white video pays homage to the aesthetics of a vintage horror movie. In this visual, Bad Bunny undergoes a striking transformation, taking on the role of the iconic vampire, Nosferatu, who first appeared in a 1922 German horror film.

To become Nosferatu, the singer dons a bald cap, pointy nose, and eerie ears, immersing himself fully into the character. The video captures Benito, as Bad Bunny is known, lurking around a sleeping woman and receiving sage advice from a chemist portrayed by actor Steve Buscemi.

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Towards the video’s conclusion, Bad Bunny’s Nosferatu character is seen in a moment of introspection, dropping to his knees in prayer. This intriguing video adds a captivating layer to the thought-provoking track, further establishing Bad Bunny as an artist who isn’t afraid to explore both the visually striking and the thematically deep in his work.

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