Thalía and Grupo Firme’s Explosive Collaboration: ‘Te Va a Doler’

A Surprising Fusion of Pop and Banda, Promising to Dominate the Music Scene

The iconic Mexican singer Thalía and the popular Mexican musical group Grupo Firme joined forces to release their explosive collaboration, “Te va a doler,” a song that combines pop with banda genre and promises to become an anthem surpassing all success.

This unexpected collaboration has pleasantly surprised fans of both artists, who did not expect to see them together on the same music scene. The song, which is part of Thalía’s new album, “A mucha honra,” is now available on all digital platforms.

“Te va a doler” speaks about different ways of facing a breakup. While some mourn and succumb to the pain, others rise stronger and empowered, ready to start a new stage in their lives.

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The music video of the song, directed by Carlos Pérez and produced by Cathy Fusco, perfectly reflects the message of the song. In it, we see Thalía and Grupo Firme’s lead singer, Eduin Caz, dressed in black and exuding sensuality as they perform the song with great passion and energy.

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