Grooving to the Beat of ‘Grip’ as Anitta Unleashes Brazilian Funk Magic

Brazilian star celebrates her Funk Generation album with new visual

Celebrating the drop of her newest album, ‘Funk Generation,’ Anitta surprised fans with an electrifying music video for the album’s steamy track ‘Grip.’

“One more surprise!’ Grip’ music video is now available!” Anitta excitedly announced on Instagram. “Hurry and watch so you can learn the choreography. Dance party, anyone?”

In the sizzling short video, Anitta commands attention surrounded by a troupe of dancers, infusing the airwaves with Miami bass vibes and the infectious Brazilian funk vibes that define her latest LP.

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This track, ‘Grip,’ marks a standout from ‘Funk Generation,’ Anitta’s latest musical endeavor. Embracing her Brazilian funk roots, the album showcases Anitta’s signature style while featuring collaborations with artists like Sam Smith and Bad Gyal. It’s a testament to her journey as both a person and an artist, reclaiming the value and pride of funk music, often overlooked and underestimated due to societal prejudices.

As Anitta shares, “Funk is part of the culture of those who live in the Brazilian favelas, where I come from. Today, I feel fulfilled and very happy to see that funk is inspiring the Brazilian and global music scene. A genre with value, awards, and admiration.” 🎶✨

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