A biopic on Bon Scott of AC/DC is currently in production

Halo Films production company is the one breaking the news. Title, lead actor, release date: here are all the details available.

A biopic on the life of Bon Scott, the lead singer of AC/DC from 1974 to 1980 (until his tragic death), is currently in production. Revealing this is the Australian production house Halo Films, which has unveiled the title The Kid From Harvest Road. However, the film, as specified by the company, will not be a faithful account of Scott’s life but rather a “fictionalized story set in the 1960s.”

“Focusing on his formative years in Fremantle will allow us to delve deeply into the influences and events that shaped Scott as a person and as the frontman of AC/DC,” continues Halo Films in its statement, “also giving us the opportunity to explore the cultural landscape of that time, its music scene, and the social dynamics of the era.”

Portraying Scott will be Australian actor Lee Tiger Halley, already in the cast of Netflix’s By Swallows Universe. A release date has not yet been announced.

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