Watch Travis Scott and Emily Ratajkowski flirt in the video for ‘I Know?’

The American rapper releases a new clip from 'Utopia,' co-directed with Dave Meyers, where he faces a significant dilemma: choosing between the top model and colleague Anok Yai.

Travis Scott failed to make a lasting mark in history with his highly anticipated album, Utopia, released last summer. What was supposed to be the Yeezus of his generation turned out to be nothing more than a decent album with more or less interesting aspects.

This doesn’t mean that Travis didn’t achieve some successes. In terms of numbers, Utopia performed well. It lacked the standout track to flirt with algorithms, but there’s no room for complaints. Even in terms of the guests to feature in his latest video, things didn’t go too bad.

Six months after the release of Utopia, Travis Scott returned behind the camera for the video of “I Know?“, co-directed, of course, by his loyal collaborator Dave Meyers. In this video, the rapper simultaneously navigates two romantic relationships: on one side, with one of the world’s most recognized models, Emily Ratajkowski, and on the other, with Anok Yai.

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Enjoy the video:

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