VTSS and Boys Noize: A Collaborative Groove in ‘Steady Pace’

New Single Bridges House, Techno, and Disco Vibes with Lyrics of Attraction and Mystery"

VTSS and Boys Noize have joined forces to create a fresh single. Take a look at the ‘Steady Pace’ video below.

Out now on Big Beat Records as of September 28th, this lively vocal house track arrives during a productive year for both artists. VTSS, who contributes her vocals to the song, has recently graced stages at New York and Paris Fashion Week, including a performance on the 18th Floor of the Standard Hotel for Dion Lee’s afterparty at the Boom Boom Room. In May, she treated fans to a remix EP of her 2022 release, ‘Circulus Vitiosus,’ on Ninja Tune, featuring remixes by Tim Reaper, Isabella Lovestory, and Kamixlo.

On the other hand, Boys Noize teamed up with Skrillex to release the ‘Fine Day Anthem.’

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VTSS shared insights about their collaboration, stating, “The track was made during mine and Alex’s [Boys Noize] session in LA in our friend’s Sonny’s studio. It really came about quite quickly — within probably the first hour we had a sketch, and I’d written the first verse. I haven’t done many studio collaborations, so I was extremely nervous, and frankly, I didn’t know Alex that well, but we instantly clicked and have been great friends since.”

“The track was meant to harken back to the times when house and disco music dominated the airwaves worldwide, but we wanted something with a slightly more techno-leaning sound while still nodding to the original formula,” she continued. “The lyrics I wrote are about a really attractive guy who I couldn’t quite figure out; he seemed to be sending mixed signals,” she added. “Well, two can play that game, I thought. That’s what happens when two avoidant people are about to get together, lol.”

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