Udio: Revolutionizing Music Creation with AI

New app generates music from text prompts

A new AI music generation tool, Udio, has launched online. Developed by former Google DeepMind researchers, it generates a mastered track in under 40 seconds. Users describe the music genre, provide lyrics, and indicate inspirations, with an option to remix. Udio has received financial backing from Silicon Valley’s Andreessen Horowitz and support from musicians like will.i.am and Common.

Concerns have been raised about Udio’s training data sourcing and its impact on the artistic value of music creation. Critics question whether the AI respects musicians’ copyrights and worry about the potential soullessness of AI-generated music. Despite this, a growing number of musicians are embracing AI in their creative process, although public opinion remains divided.

Rolling Stone highlighted concerns that Udio may have been trained on copyrighted music without permission. Some artists, like Telefon Tel Aviv and MATRiXMANN, have criticized Udio’s music quality. Yet, studies show a majority of music fans believe AI use should be restricted, even as many musicians are already incorporating AI into their music-making process.

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We tested Udio and by clicking here you can listen to our creation.

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