Eurovision Song Contest 2024, the videos of all the performances from the first semi-final

The first selection is done. Thursday will see the second semi-final, and Saturday, the final.

Last night, the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 aired, featuring the first 15 competing countries (the others will perform on Thursday). Qualifying for the final were Serbia, Portugal, Slovenia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Finland, Cyprus, Ireland, Luxembourg, and Croatia, joining the Big5 (Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and Spain, the founding countries) and Sweden (the host country) in the final.

Saying goodbye to the competition were Iceland, Moldova, Australia, Poland, and Azerbaijan.

Among the guests was Johnny Logan, the first artist to win the Eurovision twice.

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Here are the performances of those who qualified for the final:

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And here are the ones who didn’t make it:

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