“Stereo”: twocolors and Roe Byrne Deliver an Electrifying Anthem

twocolors, is back with a fresh new single.

Virgin Records unveils “Stereo,” a dynamic collaboration between twocolors and Irish vocalist Roe Byrne. Released today, this track melds twocolors’ electronic melodies with Byrne’s emotive vocals, poised to dominate global dance charts.

“Stereo” encapsulates the enchantment of discovering a profound connection after heartache, as articulated by the artists. With twocolors renowned for remixing chart-topping hits and Byrne acclaimed for his poignant songwriting, their synergy creates an unforgettable anthem.

This release marks a significant milestone for both acts, blending twocolors’ production prowess with Byrne’s soulful storytelling. Byrne’s lyrical depth and captivating guitar melodies elevate “Stereo” to extraordinary artistic heights.

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Their collaborative effort promises to resonate deeply with audiences worldwide. Available now on all streaming platforms, twocolors and Roe Byrne’s “Stereo” is poised to captivate listeners and solidify their status as rising stars in the electronic music scene.

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