Tierra Whack announces Highly Anticipated Album, ‘World Wide Whack’

Sx years after Whack World

Philadelphia rapper Tierra Whack has sent ripples of excitement through the music world with the announcement of her upcoming album, “World Wide Whack.” Marked as her “debut album,” following the success of 2018’s “Whack World,” the release is scheduled for March 15 via Interscope. The anticipation is amplified by the striking album artwork, a creation by conceptual artist Alex Da Corte, who previously directed the music video for Whack’s 2020 single, “Dora.”

The cover art for “World Wide Whack” serves as the introduction to the enigmatic World Wide Whack character, described as an alter ego that embodies both the untouchable and vulnerable, superhuman and painfully human. This character’s captivating story is set to unfold through a series of images and videos during the album’s visual rollout. Drawing inspiration from eclectic sources such as 17th-century Italian clown Pierrot, fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, and Donna Summer, the character promises to be a multi-faceted exploration of identity and expression.

Tierra Whack’s creative journey leading up to “World Wide Whack” has been marked by notable releases, including the 2021 trilogy of EPs— “Rap?,” “Pop?,” and “R&B?”—as well as standout singles like “Walk the Beat,” “76,” “8,” and “Link.” In the previous year, she also dropped the single “Chanel Pit” and starred in “Cypher,” a feature film released on Hulu that offered a unique blend of fiction and documentary, providing a deeper look into her life.

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In an Instagram post today (January 23) , Whack revealed the album cover and referred to “World Wide Whack” as her debut album, emphasizing the meticulous effort invested in its creation. The post also hinted at the release of the first single, “Shower Song,” set to drop on January 26. With her distinctive style and penchant for storytelling, Tierra Whack’s “World Wide Whack” promises to be a transformative musical experience, inviting fans into a world where creativity knows no bounds.

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