The Knocks and Dolores Forever Unite for Uplifting Summer Anthem “LOVER”

New Single "LOVER" from The Knocks and Dolores Forever Promises to be the Soundtrack of the Summer

The Knocks and Dolores Forever have teamed up to release their vibrant new single, “LOVER,” just in time for the summer season. This exciting collaboration arrives ahead of Dolores Forever’s highly anticipated debut album, “It’s Nothing,” set to drop on September 20th. The album will feature recent hits like “Go Fast Go Slow,” “Someday Best,” and “Why Are You Not Scared Yet?”.

“Lover” is a confident and joyful track, designed to be a celebration of self-love and empowerment. Dolores Forever describes the song as an expression of confidence, perfect for those moments when you’re done crying on the dancefloor and just want to have a great time. “We wanted it to sound as if Fleetwood Mac and glitter had a baby, and The Knocks really brought that,” they shared.

The Knocks, a Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum-selling DJ/producer duo, have always had a knack for bringing alternative-leaning artists into new musical spaces. “We are fans of Dolores Forever and have loved their vibe for a while now,” The Knocks said. “We were thrilled that they were down to experiment with us. We are so happy with how the song turned out and think it’s the perfect blend of both of our sounds. We hope the warm, retro feel is the soundtrack to all of our fans’ summers.”

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With its infectious energy and uplifting message, “LOVER” is poised to become a summer anthem. Whether you’re dancing the night away or enjoying a sunny day, this track promises to add a touch of magic to your summer playlists. Check out “LOVER” now and let it be the soundtrack to your summer of fun.

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