SEVENTEEN Debuts Original Chinese Single ‘The Meaning of Meeting’ in Macao Concert

K-pop Powerhouse Expands Musical Horizon with Emotional Anthem as Part of Ongoing 'Follow' World Tour

K-pop boyband SEVENTEEN has unveiled a brand-new original single titled ‘The Meaning of Meeting’ during a live performance in Macao.

As part of their ongoing ‘Follow’ world tour, SEVENTEEN recently concluded a two-night concert at Macao’s Olympic Sports Center Stadium on January 20 and 21. Within their dynamic set, the boyband showcased a novel Chinese track called ‘The Meaning of Meeting’ (or ‘相遇的意义’ in Mandarin).

Following the concerts, SEVENTEEN treated fans to a special video featuring the official studio version of the song, complemented by footage from their electrifying performances in Macao. Concurrently, the track made its exclusive debut on Chinese music streaming platforms as a standalone digital single.

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“You were with me through thick and thin / I’ve gained more courage than I could ever need / Walking in lockstep, a beautiful spectacle, it all makes my heart pound / You’ve always believed, I’ve always believed, that the sky would clear up again,” SEVENTEEN melodically expresses in the chorus.

The release of ‘The Meaning of Meeting’ signifies SEVENTEEN’s first original Chinese song as a cohesive group. Prior to this milestone, the band had previously presented Chinese adaptations of their Korean hits such as ‘Highlight,’ ‘Oh My!’ and ‘Home’.

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