PLS&TY Launches “Proper Manners” Radio Show on Insomniac Radio

A Biweekly Dive into Groovy Melodies, Remixes, and Dance Music Delights

Florida-native producer PLS&TY is always one to keep something exciting up his sleeve, and this time, he’s launched his biweekly “Proper Manners” radio show on Insomniac Radio (airing on each 2nd Wednesday at 2PM PST) and released a special remix pack of his recent hit “Party In My Head” with Lost Boy – a single that an original version of which ended PLS&TY’s 2,5-year hiatus on March 31 this year.

“Proper Manners,” which debuted on November 15, will host its second episode on November 29 and serves as a place for the artist to showcase not only his own music but his of-the-moment favorites from across the dance music spectrum. You can be sure to hear the new remixes of “Party In My Head” with Lost Boy and more music from PLS&TY himself on the show’s upcoming episodes, which always pack tons of groovy melodies and downtempo basslines for easy breezy listening. The remix pack includes interpretations from RSCL, Taiki Nulight, and Oliver Nelson. Read on to learn more about the new radio show from the artist himself.

“Insomniac have built a name wholly synonymous with electronic dance music – through all facets of their being. The brand encompasses a wide scope, far beyond the live events that most first think of. I’m ecstatic to have the Proper Manners Radio platform on Insomniac Radio to showcase my favorite music at the moment. With the curation of 60 minutes of music on a biweekly basis, I hope for listeners to discover what PLS&TY is all about, outside of my own discography. Expect new music, monthly catch ups, and insight into the latest in the world of PLS&TY, along with a proper set of tunes”. – PLS&TY

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Listen the 1st episode:

Listen new remixes of “Party In My Head”:


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