Pendulum Unleashes Electrifying EP ‘Anima’ with Thrilling Scarlxrd Collab

Electronic Rock Sensation Returns with a Dark and Dynamic Collection, Leading the Way to Unforgettable Live Shows

Pendulum, the electronic rock sensation, has just dropped their much-anticipated EP, “Anima.” This electrifying collection features a standout track called “Mercy Killing,” a thrilling collaboration with the rising UK artist Scarlxrd. This song combines rap and intense screamo vocals with Pendulum’s signature thunderous drum and bass beats, delivering an electrifying musical experience from start to finish. The EP also boasts their crossover hit single “Halo,” featuring Matt Tuck from Bullet For My Valentine, as well as the anthemic drum and bass number “Colourfast.” These tracks have collectively garnered an impressive 15 million streams and found their place on prominent playlists, including Spotify’s “New Music Friday.”

The EP’s closing track, “Silent Spinner,” takes a darker turn with the addition of a Spanish horn section and futuristic synth sounds that only Pendulum could master. According to Rob Swire, this song is one of their darkest creations, ideal for a late-night listen while immersed in the vibes of London. In a bold and unexpected move, the band also surprised fans with their own rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero,” infusing it with smashing metal guitar riffs and thumping drum and bass, all while delivering soaring vocals.

Pendulum has been making waves not just musically but also through live performances. They recently concluded a successful arena tour in Australia and New Zealand. Fans can look forward to Gaz (Garreth McGrillen) performing an exclusive Pendulum DJ set at the Home Bass Festival in Orlando, Florida, on November 10th. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. In March 2024, the band will return to the UK for their most extensive tour in over a decade, promising monumental shows that fans won’t want to miss. North American tour dates are also on the horizon for 2024.

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