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Peggy Gou and Lenny Kravitz Team Up for Uplifting R&B Single ‘I Believe In Love Again’

Collaboration 'I Believe In Love Again' Hints at Gou's Debut Album and Kravitz's Upcoming Release

Peggy Gou and Lenny Kravitz have surprised music fans with their unexpected collaboration on a new R&B-tinged single, ‘I Believe In Love Again.’

This new track follows Gou’s recent hit, ‘(It Goes Like) Nanana,’ and it’s a glimpse into her highly anticipated debut album, scheduled for release in 2024 via XL Recordings.

Gou expressed her love for the ’90s and how it has influenced her music, saying, “The ’90s have had such a huge influence on my music. People know about my love of the dance/house/rave scene from that time, but I’ve always been a big R&B fan, and also a huge fan of Lenny.” She went on to share her admiration for Lenny Kravitz, particularly his 1998 album ‘5,’ which she calls her personal favorite. According to her, Kravitz joined her in the studio and worked his magic, creating new lyrics and an incredible guitar riff. The result, ‘I Believe In Love Again,’ carries a powerful message of positivity and hope.

Notably, Lenny Kravitz himself is gearing up to release his new album, ‘Blue Electric Light,’ on March 15, which features the previously shared single, “TK421.” He also contributed the new song “Road to Freedom” for the upcoming Netflix movie, ‘Rustin.’

This unexpected collaboration between Peggy Gou and Lenny Kravitz has music enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation for what’s to come from both artists in the near future.

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