Olof Dreijer remixes Björk and Rosalía’s single “Oral”

A track to support action against intensive salmon farming

Olof Dreijer has remixed Björk and Rosalía powerful song ‘Oral’.

Produced by the artists alongside Sega Bodega, ‘Oral’ marked the first collaboration between Björk and Rosalía.

“I had a lot of fun making this remix! I really like Rosalia and Bjorks voices together. Also this is the first time I play a tamborim that i got as a gift, a small drum usually heard in samba.”

Olof Dreijer

‘Oral’ dates back two decades – first written by Björk between 1997’s Homogenic and 2001’s Vespertine, the track was lost to her archives after feeling like it wasn’t the right fit for an album. Björk rediscovered the song after being reminded of its name whilst on tour in Australia in March 2023, the same month a report was released about the devastating impact of poorly regulated, Norwegian-owned commercial salmon farming operations on Iceland’s native ecosystems.

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After deeply resonating with the cause, and as a passionate campaigner and protester for much of her life, Björk enlisted Rosalía to help bring the song to life and in turn raise awareness of the issue.

You can learn more about Icelandic Fish Farming from the Icelandic Wildlife Fund.

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