“Staring at the Wall”: Norah Jones’ Musical Journey

Dive into the Creative Process Behind Norah Jones' Latest Single and Album "Visions"


Watch Norah Jones‘ music video for her new single “Staring at the Wall“!

Norah Jones has shared her new song “Staring at the Wall” along with an accompanying music video directed by Jones and Kyle Paas, featuring footage from the studio as well as handwritten lyrics by Norah. It’s the second song revealed from her ninth solo studio album, titled “Visions,” which is set to release on March 8th. A collaboration with producer and multi-instrumentalist Leon Michels, the album was introduced last month with the lead single “Running.”

“This is one of my favorites,” says Jones about “Staring at the Wall,” which was co-written by Jones and Michels and features Norah on vocals, guitar, and piano with Leon on bass, drums, and tambourine. “It was a bit of a left turn from anything else on the album. It’s the first time I played guitar with Leon, we were just trying to find something different. I got on guitar and he got on drums and it just took off. It’s really fun to play music sometimes, and I feel like there were a lot of those moments on this album. It had a really nice guitar sound for me, so I felt good.

“The reason I named the album ‘Visions’ is because a lot of the ideas came during the night or right before sleep, and ‘Running’ was one of those where you’re half asleep and somewhat awake. We did most of the songs the same way with me on piano or guitar and Leon on drums and we just jammed on different things. I like the rawness between me and Leon, the way it sounds kind of garage but also kind of playful, because it’s coming from there, but not overly perfected.” – Norah Jones

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