“Visions”: Norah Jones with new material you must hear!

Harmonies Unveiled

The 9th studio album of the Grammy-winning songwriter, pianist, and singer Norah Jones, titled “Visions,” is set to be released on March 8th!

Norah Jones collaborates with the multi-instrumentalist and producer Leon Michels for all 12 tracks of the album.

“Running” serves as the lead single for the acclaimed artist’s new musical work and undoubtedly encapsulates the entire vibe of the “Visions” album, featuring a mood of awakening and liberation!

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All This Time (Norah Jones/Leon Michels)
Staring at the Wall (Norah Jones/Leon Michels)
Paradise (Norah Jones/Leon Michels)
Queen of the Sea (Norah Jones)
Visions (Norah Jones)
Running (Norah Jones/Leon Michels)
I Just Wanna Dance (Norah Jones/Leon Michels/Homer Steinweiss)
I’m Awake (Norah Jones)
Swept Up in the Night (Norah Jones/Leon Michels)
On My Way (Norah Jones/Pete Remm)
Alone With My Thoughts (Norah Jones/Leon Michels)
That’s Life (Norah Jones/Leon Michels)

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