Miss Monique’s Debut on Armada Music: ‘Subterranean’

A Melodic House Masterpiece in Collaboration with AVIRA and LUNA

Miss Monique made her debut on Armada Music with a captivating melodic house track titled “Subterranean,” in collaboration with AVIRA and Polish vocalist LUNA.

Known for her unique blend of techno, trance, and progressive music, Miss Monique teamed up with Canadian DJ and producer AVIRA for this release. “Subterranean” merges their distinctive melodic styles, featuring the emotive vocals of LUNA.

The song explores a turbulent romance sinking into the depths of the underground, where love’s complexities intertwine with hidden desires and fears. Miss Monique expressed gratitude for the support, saying, “We have created a record that perfectly embodies the spirit of Armada Music.”

With AVIRA’s contribution to the production and LUNA’s vocals, I believe we have collectively crafted a record that feels perfectly at home on Armada Music. It means so much to me to have this support on the record.

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AVIRA shared his excitement about collaborating with Miss Monique, highlighting the overwhelming fan response even before the official release. You can listen to “Subterranean” to experience this unique musical journey.

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