mau5trap Vinyl Chronicles: Immortalizing Deadmau5 Classics in Color

Limited Edition Releases of 'for lack of a better name,' '4×4=12,' and '> album title goes here <

mau5trap, the prominent record label, announces the release of exclusive vinyl editions for three pivotal Deadmau5 albums. This marks a historic moment as mau5trap introduces its first-ever colorized vinyl collection, set to captivate fans and collectors.

The trilogy begins with “for lack of a better name,” deadmau5’s fourth studio album from 2009, presented in a transparent turquoise hue. Following suit is “4×4=12,” the fifth studio album from 2010, available in transparent green vinyl. Closing the series is “> album title goes here <,” the sixth studio offering from 2012, presented as a transparent light blue vinyl.

Fans can pre-order these editions on the mau5hop website, with deluxe packages available on the Drop website. As mau5trap immerses fans in the sonic evolution of deadmau5’s career, these limited edition vinyls promise a nostalgic journey through electronic music history. Secure your piece of this iconic collection and relive the magic of deadmau5’s classics.

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