Martin Solveig and Stefflon Don Team Up for Catchy Pop-House Fusion

Their Latest Collaboration 'I Don't Wanna Work' Promises Radio Chart Success

Martin Solveig and rapper-singer Stefflon Don have come together for their latest musical endeavor, “I Don’t Wanna Work.”

This electrifying pop track, tinged with house influences, exudes an irresistible, feel-good aura. The French producer’s distinctive style injects the song with a lively energy, setting the stage for what promises to be a radio and chart-topping sensation. Stefflon Don takes the reins with her melodious verses, grounding the song with an unforgettable, hook-laden chorus.

Experience the infectious rhythms of “I Don’t Wanna Work” by Martin Solveig and Stefflon Don, on Hit Channel.

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