Mark Wolf Makes His Stellar Debut with Dance-R&B Fusion “It Was OK” with Khalil

A Fusion of House and R&B, Marking Wolf's Artistic Resurgence

Mark Wolf and Khalil are two multitalented, dynamic artists who teamed up for Wolf’s true debut release – It Was OK,” a sultry fusion of house music and R&B.

Mark layers in an upbeat piano with glimmering melodies and a subtly dynamic bassline, which combines with Khalil’s emotive and soulful vocals for a track that feels at home on the radio, relaxing or even for a groovy moment in the club.

“It Was OK” marks Wolf’s new beginning as an artist, though he experienced success back in 2021 with his single “Sticky” with Tank God, the producer of “Rockstar” by Post Malone. The track was released as a music video NFT and sold out the 30 editions in its campaign within a week. Wolf is stepping up in a massive way with this unique new release, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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“‘It Was OK’ started off as a simple piano part that sounded fun enough to play in a club. It wasn’t until I listened to “Unfazed” by Khalil and sampled his voice that the song came to life and became something I’m excited to share and sing along with. As a debut release, I want this song to set a precedent for my sound- fun, danceable, and full of musicality.” – Mark Wolf.

Mark did an amazing job creating a whole new experience sonically with ‘It Was OK’ it was a pleasure working with him and looking forward to many more in the future.” – Khalil.


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